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"Affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi"

Affiliation No 1930057 School Code 07001

Warm Greetings!

Principal’s Message

“I will not be a common man

I will stir the smooth sands of monotony”

To the common man, educating youngsters, may appear to be pretty simple, but giving the ‘right education’ is a herculean task. If surgeons commits mistakes, precious lives are lost, if lawyers commits mistakes, justice is lost. What happens, if teachers commit mistakes? Generations are lost. With the advent of technology, globalisation, commercialisation and commodification, the task of educating youngsters has become all the more challenging on one hand and an indispensable necessity on the other hand. Sadly, today’s education has come to “be identified only as a passport to riches”. As a result of this lopsided approach to education, a host of ills has been let loose, robbing the very essence of life and living.

It is an irony of sorts, that we have more schools, but poor quality of education, more hospitals, but more illness, more communication facility, but shallow relationships and what not?

Everything is possible

Class toppers of today

may become life floppers tomorrow

Low scorers of today

may become life toppers tomorrow

In such a scenario, R.S.K School with 5 units under its wings, endeavours to impart ‘holistic education’ that focuses upon ‘skills and values’ laying the foundation for the youth to build tall towers of their life. Rote learning is thoroughly denounced in our portals, instead, we focus on a plethora of skills and values that will enable them steer ahead in the unexplored waters of tomorrow.

Today’s job market looks for prospective candidates who excel in skills such as technical skills, reasoning aptitude, analytical thinking, creative abilities, emotional quotient, communicative competence, interpersonal skills, leadership skills, scientific temperament, out of the box thinking etc. Our school imparts these skills along side, to empower the students with hands on exposure.

Further, we sensitise our students in areas such as of environmental awareness, gender equality, human values, transparency, integrity, civic responsibilities etc., so that they give back to the society which gave them inputs for their growth.

‘Ask not what the country has done for you.

 Ask what you have done for the country

The school lays equal emphasis on both scholastic and co-scholastic areas for holistic development. As balanced food is essential for a healthy body, an education that is complete in all respects is the need of the hour to produce ‘complete citizens’ who will turn out to be assets to the world, rather than a burden.

As the Chinese proverb says

‘Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day;

Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.’

We don’t teach them our theories but give them the real experience to gain confidence and competence.

Yes, it is good to have fun, but, as the master wrote to a young friend “Eating, drinking, dressing and society nonsense are not things to throw your precious life upon. Find purpose of your life and leave no stone unturned to attain it.

Doing simple things is possible for all, but attempting to do difficult and impossible things will help you gain strength and confidence.

With Best Wishes




Dr. E. Pappan

M.E., MBA., P.hd., FIV., FIE

Administrative Officer

Annual Day Celebration


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